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Emails to support going unanswered?
I sent an email to support 5 days ago. I still have not received a response. I'm having trouble adding a icloud calendar using the URL (it's a public calendar). I also posted here in the help center about my issues. None of those have been answered. I signed up for the premium account and now I'm starting to think that was a mistake and needs to be cancelled.

Can somebody from support please address my issue?
I think they are taking a few days off. They usually reply super fast

Sorry for the late reply. Just double checked with the web devs, the URL you provided is not a valid URL. Please resent a new one to We will then be able to look into it for you soon.
That's the problem. It says it's invalid, but it isn't. I sent you a screenshot directly from my icloud calendar settings showing that the URL is correct and it's a public calendar.

I'm pretty frustrated that it's taking this long to figure this out.
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