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Slower speed (i.e lag) on the app

I have been experiencing more lag when using Tick Tick, as I have added an enormous amount of to-do's to the app. This is issue on both my mac and iphone.

How can I get rid of the lag? Is there any way to de-clutter or should I do some sort of reset or reinstallation of the app?

Sorry for the late reply. How many tasks do you have in "All"? We will see if we could help.

Sorry for mine too. I have 250.
I have this major issue where the to-do's that I have on a repeated cycle take FOREVER to load in my calendar view. It's not until I move to another month of the year that it lags, and then loads.

Could you please take a screenshot of the page where it lags and send to We will need to take a better look of it and try to find the issue for you.
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