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Do not disturb problem - Huawei P8 Lite

I am using do not disturb mode for most of my day, cause I don't want other people to interupt my work. I set do not disturb mode to allow notifications and calendar.

TickTick doesn't play sound reminder cause of do not disturb mode, but everything is set perfectly.
Reminder just turns on the screen and popup appears, but there is no sound and no vibration. Same story even when my device is active (screen on). Other apps like business calendar have no problem to go through do not disturb and play reminder sound and vibration.

1. I added TickTick to Protected apps (should work after screen is turned off).
2. Changed power saving plan to "Normal".
3. I locked TickTick in the system background (Square icon is visible when pressing square button).
4. I turned on Alert Mode (also tried with this option turned off - still no vibration and reminder sound)

I am not able on my device to add TickTick to Autorun apps (I didn't see any option in settings on my phone).

I really need help with this, cause I bought premium and I can't use reminders at all. I can't turn off my do not disturb cause it's crucial phone feature for my peace of mind during the day.
Also I restored my phone to default settings cause I thought this might help - but it didn't.

Phone info:
Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21
EMUI 4.0.3
Android 6.0

Waiting for reply,

Any solution?

This is a known issue. We will try to improve the function in the future. Sorry for the troubles.
Thanks for response.

I know this is a known issue, cause there are a lot of problems since 2016 with do not disturb mode. Here are some links:


I bought premium and really this make huge problem for me. Can you give me any ETA when it will be fixed? Maybe it's not too much work and you can fix this till new update?

Also your app on Windows requires logging in every single time I turn on my laptop... Is there any solution to this?
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