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sub tasks not showing in smart list calendar
Hi I would have thought sub tasks should show on smart list calendar view? Mine are not. Can you help please?
Think I have found the solution - need to adjust my smart list settings.
Hmm! Thought it worked but now doesn't. I created a smart list with two tags but only the tasks are showing on the calendar not the sub tasks.

Could you click the "..." at the top right and see if you've enabled to show subtasks?
sub tasks enabled - still not showing
Are those subtasks have date/time? If not, they won't be able to show in the calendar view either.
Yes they have a date
I have the same issue. I'm using the Android app. First they did show. Around last week it stopped unfortunately and I just started getting used to fully utilizing the function, so really miss it

Have you selected All for list filtering in the calendar view?
Was the tasks' parent list being closed?

@Dieuwertje Sara,

Have you checked all the troubleshoots above?
1. enable "show subtasks" 2. subtasks must have date/time 3. not in a closed list 4. filtered as All in the calendar view.
Yes tried all. They show up in the today or tomorrow list, also in the specific smartlist list. When filter as All the subtasks do show, but that's of no help because I have the smart list filtered for a reason. It shows up everywhere except in the calander view
The same for me I have checked against today and shows there but not showing in my smart list
I have smart list selected in calendar view but it doesn't show there either. Not on calendar or any view
Hello guys,

We might have figured out the problems. Could you both take a screenshot of the smart list/custom smart list settings page (where you set all the filters) and send to We will then be able to look into it for you asap. Thanks.
Forget to send a screenshot, but it seems like the issue is resolved for me
i still have this issue on Mac-Client. On Web there´s no problem.
I am still having this problem - is there a solution?
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