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Web App: Enable all navigation keys in "Add Task" box at top of page
Currently when typing or pasting a task into the box, only the arrow keys and backspace allow navigation and deletion. The Home, End, and Delete buttons do not function.

Could you specify your platform first? We will look into it for you soon.
Yes, I'm sorry, I should have said that in the first place. This is in the web version, specifically using Chrome, though I don't imagine which browser is used would make a difference in this kind of problem. I have not tested on the Windows app or any other platform.

What are your system version and your keyboard language?
Keyboard language is English (US). Can you clarify what system you want the version number for. Chrome browser version, Windows 10 build number?

We can't reproduce this issue on our side. Could you switch your browser to private mode and see if it helps?
I can no longer reproduce the problem on my machine either. It was consistent the day I reported it but it's gone now. Sorry for the red herring.
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