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Lists names missing on All view layout
In the Web app I can see all my lists names in the right side of the task -> [] , but on the macOS App there are no list names -> [] :(

I was looking into the mac App settings and I could't find such option.

Am I missing something or this is yet added to the macOS version?


This function is not available for mac app yet. We will implement it in the future. thanks.
Is there an ETA for such features which are missing from the macOS version?

Sorry, we don't have an ETA on this one. It's not on our top priority list but we will definitely support this function in the future.

It's been a while since this has been posted, any news?

I will be really happy to see that live.
Soon. Should be around October.
Hi guys,
Just a friendly reminder.
It will be great to see it before NY :)

Happy holidays
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