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Alexa integration
Please, please, please integrate Alexa with TickTick. I can't stand anydo or todoist but must have Alexa integration if I am using my do to list. I miss ticktick but it is missing that one feature for me. Or maybe you know a way to goaround it with ifftp service?

Sorry for the inconvenience. To support Alexa integration is not on our current roadmap. Will definitely consider to support it in the future.
I have exactly the same issue. I don't like the design of but use it for Alexa shopping and to-do lists. Are you already working on a skill? This would be great. :)
Wunderlist was great and has an alexa skill, but is dying because of Microsoft plans ... :-/
Would really like some sort of voice enabled input to my to do list as well. Please consider adding Alexa support to the roadmap, it would make this customer very happy!
+1, I really dont understand how you can tell in 2019 that its not on your rodmap to make some integration of alexa. Best to-do platform and so unaccountable point of view
I now have Alexa set set up with speakers throughout the house. The only thing I'm missing isTick Tick set with Alexa integration. I have tried all the other to do lists, but always come back to Tick Tick. I am looking forward to the day when the two are integrated. Any updates would be appreciated. Thanks.
Please integrate Alexa Usage. I think about to switch again to ToDoIst for this reason. Thx a lot.
Also keen for Alexa integration ��
I need this!
Hello guys,

Alexa integration is actually available now. You may search for TickTick in Alexa and there will be introduction.
Xin, can you please be more specific? I did a search for "ticktick alexa" and found this thread. ;)
Hi Scott,

You'll need to search for TickTick in
Anyone get this to work? I receive We were unable to link TickTick at this time for the past few days

Hi Daniel,

We tried it on our end and it's working. Could you please try again?
Thank you for responding! Working great now. Yay TickTick! :)
Will it be coming to Looking forward to trying it once I can get it :)
its 2020 now, please release the skill. People have been asking from 2018 on this thread.
link for Alexa TickTick skill . haven't setup yet but reviews don't look promising
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