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TickTick Android 4.3.0 is here!
Major updates:

- "Skip Weekends" option when setting up custom repeat for tasks.
- Have new tasks "Default Add to" top or bottom of the list.
- Filter custom smart lists in the calendar views.
- Batch move tasks with different times to a different date.

TickTick Team :)
Good afternoon. Dear developers, it's good that you are constantly improving the application. But you do not always need to change something. The new profile for Android is not clear to me. You have made quick access to the settings of the program, which you need once or twice for the entire time. And it became more difficult to get to the list of sheets and folders. Only through tasks. It is very uncomfortable. I propose to change these functions in some places. Lock the list of worksheets and folders in the shortcut menu, and return settings as it was earlier. I hope you listen to the user's opinion. Thank you in advance!
when are you planning to make ticktick usable with different time zones and summer time activation/deactivation?
Edit: The below is no longer relevant after advised that x days left and date can be toggled.

Hi TickTick Team,

Thank you for the regular updates and bug fixes.

However, after updating to this most recent version, all task dates are now missing from tasks on the task list, and have been replaced by "x days left". This is even for tasks more than a week, month, or year away. "158 days left" instead of just saying August 29 is not helpful.

I can no longer quickly track down tasks on the task list to edit that are weeks or months away because the date is now missing. Switching to the calendar just for this purpose is too cumbersome and requires more button presses to track down tasks much later in the future.

Was this a regression? Or an intended change.

Hoping you'll be able to fix this soon since I'm sure other users will be frustrated by this as well.

@Jeremy Krentz - Single click on the "x days left" to swap between this and the date.
@Liv Monck-Whipp

Thank you! That did the trick. If the default hadn't changed and others aren't reporting the same issue, then maybe I had somehow accidentally tapped on "x days left" immediately after the update.

How to activate "Skip Weekends"?
You can skip the weekend by choosing the option custom repeat and than only tick the days mon-fri. Then you get a daily repeat without the weekend
@Sara, thanks, will try!
Thanks for a great app. Is the android version available outside of Google? (as an apk download) as one of my devices is google free and I'd like to keep it that way. Thanks you
Since the latest update I am periodically seeing an X in place of the + (add task) icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In these cases I am unable to add a task. The X serves no apparent function. Please advise how to restore the add task function.,

You may short press the x button and begin to add task by typing or long press the x button to use the voice input.
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