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Missing tab icon on chrome
For some reason, TickTick's website doesn't have an icon associated with it for tabs in Chrome. Oddly, viewing the site in Edge does show the right icon.

I've tried the site on chrome on another computer and it has the same problem. Clearing browser data has done nothing.

This is a photo of what it looks like, in case you don't follow what I mean.

Please visit the url address below:
I opened the link, then restarted my browser. The icon is still missing.
Could you try again, see if you could see the icon via that link? No need to restart your browser.
I can see the icon on the page the link opens, but the tab's icon is still MIA.
1. Hover over tab
2. Right Click
3. Select reload
4. Your icon should now be refreshed

Please give it a try.
Reloaded the tab with my todo list, this help page, and the page showing the icon in that way. No effect. Still blank.
Delete "Favicons-journal" and "Favicons" files from the following location
view sourceprint?
C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default(username)

Then restart your browser, see if it helps.
Hey, no effect. When I restarted my browser, all of my tabs from different sites had the blank tab icon (as you'd expect), and when I went through they all loaded in correctly... except TickTick's.
That's strange. What is your chrome version?
Version 65.0.3325.181.
Figured it out. It was my adblocker. Never seen that before. If I whitelist the site completely, the icon shows up, then if I take it off the whitelist it disappears again.

Sorry to have wasted your time, that's the first thing I should've tried.

For anyone else who has this problem, it looks like a couple of typical premade adblock lists are blocking parts of cloudfront, which is what serves up the icon.
Cool, very useful finding!
You don't need to unblock the site, btw. This line in exception list is enough (uBlock Origin): * allow
I just spent 1 hour researching generally for "favicon missing in Chrome" and so on.
After no luck, I decided to include TickTick in the search and the solution was literally in the first result. :)

uBlock Origin did not let me add " * allow" into the Whitelist, so I just added instead and it works now.

Thanks! :)
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