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Problem with task due date when switching time zones.
There appears to be a problem with the due date of tasks switching back a day when I change time zone. Here are the steps to recreate the issue:

1) Create a task on iOS in one timezone e.g. Central Time with a due date e.g. 16th March.
2) Travel to a new timezone e.g. Pacific Time. iOS time zone automatically updates.
3) View the task in TickTick iOS app or on the web. The task is now showing as due on 15th March (instead of the 16th). I have only travelled to a new time zone, I haven't changed the due date of the task and have not specified a due time for the task.

This is causing problems with all tasks I create when in a different time zone to home.

Sorry for the inconvenience. There are some known issues with the timezone changes. We will look into it and try to fix within the shortest time.
This is infuriating - there have been ongoing issues with due dates (see my previous topics) in this app for 2 years and I find it ridiculous because due dates are the core of a task management app.

Unfortunately, I've cancelled my paypal renewal because of all the issues and am looking elsewhere for a task management app.

This issue will be fixed real soon. We have come up with a plan to solve the root cause of it. Please be patient for a bit longer. Sorry for all the inconvenience.
Any update?
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