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Possible to parse list names in tasks to put them into their lists?
Hey, I'm looking if it would be possible to parse names of task lists when you add a new task. I Have tens of lists and sometimes it's a bit cumbersome scrolling to one, so I'm not sure if there is something similar as parsing dates.

Example: list:shoplist buy bananas would add "buy bananas" to the list named shoplist. As far as how this would go I have no idea, but i am looking if this is possible right now or not.


Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
+1 for such a feature.
any news on this?

edit1: (i forgot i wrote this and found my own post, haha)

Edti2: Found the shortcut ^ in web and the win10 desktop version. so for the list "shoppinglist" just type ^shoppinglist, and when you start to write it it will give you the results for the matching lists. quite nice!
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