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Verification email not verifying my account
So, I hit the send "verification email" icon and I opened up the email in my in box. The email instructed me to click the "verify" button so I clicked it. I went back to ticktick and I am still seeing that my account is still asking me to verify my account. I hit the icon that will send the verification email and now I don't even get the email.

I am also having trouble getting the app to sink with my S7. I am assuming that this will be resolved when I get the verification email situation taken care of?

We've checked the record. It seems that you've successfully sent several verification emails, but none of them was received? Could you please give it another try? The email might be stuck in the spam.
SO I figured out why I am not getting the emails. My account is under the email "". The email is supposed to be I dont know how to fix this. I went into the settings for my profile and tried to change my email address but all it says is that the email is already registered. Which it probably is. But, I am still prompted to verify my account presumably because the address is not the correct address? How do I correct this issue?
Still not working. I cannot fix the issue.
Hello. Anyone?

Please log in with the correct email account, backup all the data and delete the account. Then change the current account to a new email.
I would like to be done with my account all together. I tried to delete it but now it says that my password is not working. I just want to be done with this mess. Please help me be rid of ticktick.
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