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TickTick win app is available now
Hey all,

TickTick win app is available now

- Widget adding option moved to the context menu of TickTick in system tray;
- Widgets support modifying transparency;
- New white theme for widgets;
- Widgets support hiding when dragging to the window border;
- List widgets support editing task details;
- List widgets support date recognition;
- List widgets support folders, custom smart lists and tags;
- Support multiple list widgets;
- Calendar widget supports weekly view;
- Support dragging to adjust the width of three columns;
- Added Pomo end sound effect;
- Pomo reminder pop-ups in automatic mode

TickTick Team
Updated, I love these features!
Great! Very nice features!)
Updated too. Great features. I like them.

Please note that my name has been trimmed (so it shows part of my name now). Also, the "sync" icon is very close to the "drop-down" icon. You should add some space in there.

Here's a screenshot:

Keep them coming :")
Great!! Love your app so much! keep up the good work!
Here's a bug:

Go to the calendar, and then move your mouse on an empty space across the calendar in a week view for example from left to right slowly. At some point, the cursor of the mouse will change. This is where the middle/right panel ability to adjust width size on list view is. You can actually click and drag to increase/decrease the width. If you do and go back to list view like Today, you will see the size has really adjusted.

It seems like the calendar is appearing on top of the list view, so I'm afraid I could also be accidentally changing positions or completing some tasks without even knowing it by clicking on various places on the calendar.

wlz: If this is not clear please let me know and I'll record a video demo for you.
Hello. Thanks for new Windows app. Been away until that feature was released. But TickTick is far and away the best task app I've tried esp. now that there's a calendar feature. Can't wait for being able to subscribe to Google Calendar within the Win app. However, noticing the Windows (7) app doesn't sync with web app consistently. Is this a known bug that is being worked through?
Great update, thank you for your work!

Few requests for next release:
- Themes
- Automatic assignment of start and end time to task when pomo is completed for this task
Почему в List widget нет ни одного моего списка?
I am unable to install it only my Windows 10 machine. The message states "that this app cannot run on your PC" is there an issue with my PC or am I downloading the wrong version of the software - I downloaded the app from -
Very nice features!
Can not update it on PC windows 10, but can update with ipad and android phones... I tried:
1. To Update it by clicking on box popped from my current TickTick windows software: didn’t work for me
2. Went to ticktick website and tried to get on update page directly: could not load the page
Anyone knows how? I subscribed just last month.
When setting the date, the pop-up that shows when you hover over the calendar icon at top right of the task has inconsistent behavior, sometimes the popup shows other times it doesn't, and now it seems to be lagged or something only showing up when I click on the calendar for the full date setting menu:

edit: Wanted to add that the Pomo widget is AMAZING! It's an entire program in itself, and the timing for me is spooky as I just started using a pomodoro timer along with an app that had sound effects like white noise, rain, etc. on my phone, and you have saved me from having to have any of that. It's all here in one place, this is superb. Thank you!!
Downloaded app on Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
Says 'This app can't run on your PC'.
Is there any chance of getting a reply / solution to this?
I have a premium account.
Widget need minimize to system tray when launching
It would be nice to have the Tab+1, Tab+2, etc. functionality here too...
Does it run on Windows Mobile?
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