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No Reminder Snooze Option for Mac
I love the Tick Tick! Took me a long time to find the right To Do List application.
I love the way it works in IOS.
One thing I have an issue with is that when reminders pop up on screen their is no 'Snooze option.' ie. with apple reminders their is a snooze option in the notifications. Am I missing something? Does this functionality exist or do you actually have to open task in app to snooze it.

The snooze function is available for mobile apps only at the moment. We will implement it for mac in the future. Thanks.
Thanks so much for the response. It is very much appreciated. I look forward to the Mac snooze function. Thanks for making such a great app. Its the little things too. I love the Tokyo theme. Well done girls and guys!!!
It's been a year with no updates with this.
Are we going to get the snooze capability?

It's available in many of the competitor apps, but not TockTick.
So frustrating.

I do love the program though, but I would love it more with this capability.

If closing a reminder on the Mac would also close reminders on other devices that would be helpful.
Again.. other competoitor apps have this capability.

Do you mind providing some other apps that have the function? Mac devs will have a look and evaluation on our end soon.
Hi Support.
The Closing of reminders on other devices is supported by OmniFocus, and I believe ToDoist.

The Snooze option in the Mac Notifications is supported by ToDoist, and I believe Things as well (+others). Sorry I am a bit vague on it, I have used most of them but I don't have them installed any longer.

Overall I am preferring TickTick, but I really miss those extra features that the others had.

I know you can't be everything to everyone, but these annoyances just keep us looking at the competition. It would be great to not have to keep checking the other products.

One thing that I am really missing on you website is a feature suggestions and voting page. That works really well on other sites (Microsoft Office365 products come to mind).
It helps to see what changes have priority and also get status notifications if any of those features are being process.

A good example is at:

But there are plenty of other sites with a similar concept, I find it works well.

Best Regards
Hi. Any news on this issue?
Come on support, surely you can review these forums and update the comments in weeks instead of months or years.
+1 Please add!
+ 1 please add
I also would really love to snooze reminders on Mac!
Yes me too, I really need this feature. Please add!
+1 Again (Please!!)
Are there any updates on that?
Current user experience is terrible at the moment. You can only have two options now:
1) Close the notification, since you don't have time to complete it right now and forget about it.
2) Look at the notification all the time, see how it covers all your applications and distracts you, struggle with it while trying to interact with those applications, (e.g. trying to open new tab in browser), and so on.
And all that's because there is no ability to snooze it.
Recently I have noticed that I have unintentionally developed a bad habit - closing the notification to dismiss it. What's even more bad is that I was doing the same thing on the Android phone which allows snoozing.

So I will be very glad if you could finally add this feature. It will make the application a LOT more usable.
Just tried finding an answer to this and came here - being able to snooze Mac notifications is also important to me.
Wanting this change, too! Snoozing reminders is an essential part of what keeps me on top of what I need to do. Thanks!
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