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Feature Request - Pomodoro Timer for Mac Version
I was excited to find the iPhone version because I want an integrated task manager and pomodoro timer that will log completed pomodoros to my calender. However, I primarily use pomodoro on my desktop for work (hence the need to log completed ones)

We will implement this function for mac in the future. Thanks.
Me,too. I want to use pomodoro for Mac version
I was an todoist user, however the ticktick calendar function caused me to migrate.
I believe that the pomodoro function is very necessary in MAC, the implementation of this module would not be something so complex, you could include it in your roadmap or if you prefer send the code to you :)
Pomo timer for Mac has already been implemented couple weeks ago. Please give it a try.
Where is it visible in the Mac App? I'm using the latest version (just installed yesterday), have enabled the timer, and can't find it anywhere (definitely not in the lower left like the web version).
I found it - if you open a task, and click on the three dots at the bottom right next to the trash can, it appears on the pop up menu.
Suggestion for the keyboard shortcut to start pomodoro: If a task is highlighted, pressing ⌘⇧P should start a pomodoro for that task, rather than starting an unlabelled pomodoro as it currently does.
Please set a keyboard shortcut for Pomo Timer! It will improve productivity tremendously.
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