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Windows update

I have been wondering, when are you guys going to roll an update for Windows? It's been some time since the last update.

I also noticed that if I add one emoji to my list's name at the beginning, the remaining characters will be almost just 12 characters after which the list name will add "..." to its end and trim the rest of the words. So my list's name show almost half the actual name, and the rest of it is trimmed even though there's a big space still available so the full name will easily fit.

I don't know but it seems to me that on Windows, one emojis equals to several letters and this might be the problem. Can you please look it up?


We will release a new update for windows app this week.

The emoji issue was caused by the system displaying. Devs might not be able to help in it.
Hello Lexi,

Thanks. But Todoist and Microsoft To-Do both support Emojis with colors on their native Windows apps. Please look them up. Something is just not right. There should be a way to show those Emojis right otherwise how did Todoist and Microsoft To-Do do it?
Yes, I understand. Just double checked with the win dev. In order to fully support emoji on the desktop, we will need to spend enough time to accomplish some works ourselves. The product team has noted down this feedback and will make a schedule for it. But I'm afraid we don't have an ETA on it now.
OK. Thanks for letting me know, Lexi.

Have a nice day.
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