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Premium upgrade not initialising despite having paid...
Can you help with this issue please.
App downloaded to iPad Pro, signed up and registered.
Upgraded to monthly subscription, payment confirmed by Apple.
But no premium features available?!

Can you resolve this please ASAP- before I begin to think that maybe I have chosen the wrong app...and cancel my subscription.


I have the same problem but using the web payment method, hopefully they will fix it asap.
I have the same problem on my iPhone today. I am going to get help from the support team

I have the same problem on my iPhone today.
Same problem, as well. Checked my Android phone too and I have the same issue. I’ve paid - in the app itself, for a premium yearly subscription and Apple has confirmed payment - but not registering when using the app.

I keep getting: “ upgrade to premium” in both the Android version and the iOS versions of TickTick.

If you have upgraded on a mobile app and still not been able to use the premium features, please try to restore your Premium status in the app via:

1. Tap your Avatar.
2. Tap "Upgrade to Premium".
3. Scroll down the screen and tap"restore" at the bottom.

Keep us posted if it doesn't help.
I have followed their guidelines but clearly this co pony hasn’t got their act together yet.
I have now uninstalled the app and cancelled my subscription. Who has the time nowadays to faff around, wasting ones time trying to sort apps out? Frankly, it’s just one more case of an app prematurely launched, unfit for purpose.
A further point to consider: all of us on here, have paid money to access features on ticktick which are advertised as being available through an upgrade. Fact is, theses features are NOT available to us despite having paid for them. So, is this a scam?
The money we have paid, is non refundable therefore we have paid for a ticktick version which is useless and contra to what was advertised on Apple apps. The developer is making money which he his not refunding, and we are having to deal with a smoke screen of email trails which they know full well will not sort out the upgrade problem because the software is not fully functional on mobile devices. This should be reported under the misrepresentation of the description of goods act and Apple should be notified of the matter. Letting the developer extract funds from subscribers for a product that is totally misrepresented and unable to deliver on its promise. NOT GOOD! This says as much about Apple as it dies for “ ticktick” or should this be “ tickytacky” ? YOU, decide.

Sorry for the inconvenience. There were some issues with the payment process. We have managed to fix it already. Could you try to restore your status via:

You can restore it by:
1. Tap your Avatar.
2. Tap "Upgrade to Premium".
3. Scroll down the screen and tap"restore" at the bottom.

Keep us posted if it doesn't help.
Just tried that on the Android version and after restore just says in a message box no record of payment.

Not working...
Hi there,

I'm having the same problem, paid via the website and android app.
Paypal is showing me several payments to Appest, but no premium yet.

BTW: Joe you need to calm down, you are behaving very immature and paranoid for an adult.
Just an update:

Working fine,now. Upgraded to premium in both Android and iOS.

Many thanks...
@Chris, could you please provide your TickTick account and PayPal transaction info to We will check it for you asap.
Looks like I’m in the all clear also, thank you for getting this fixed
I sent an email regarding the same issue but I haven't received a reply. I upgraded to premium almost a week ago and haven't been able to use the features.

I've tried the Restore Purchase method with no success. @oilexxi
I have been having this same issue. Is there a solution to this yet?? And going to the Avatar and choosing restore DOES NOT WORK.
Привет. Та же проблема. Как ее решить?
Same problem. Nothing is working. If anyone knows how to fix this please help!
Paid for Premium Account. Works on my Iphone but not on my computer (Windows). Is this a scam?
@Michael, could you please try logging out and in to see if the premium is available! No worries, we will definitely not cheat users. Let us know if the issue persists.
You fixed the issue. Thank you! Great product!
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