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Feature request: Assign subtasks to people
Would it be possible to add feature of assigning subtasks to people in the team that have the same list shared?

Right now we can share the task (parent object) but it would also be nice to be able to assign sub-tasks (children objects) too as we get up to 4 people working on the same task.

Unfortunately, to support more functionalities for subtasks is not in our current plan.
Thank you for your answer! We are going to manually assign tasks by name in the titles then.
Will this ever be done? Wunderlist has this capability and is VERY helpful. I want to use this for my business, but assigning subtasks is a must.

Indeed, this would be very helpful. I would like to add my vote for requesting this feature.
Please add this feature. As this would make the whole software much more powerful!
Thank you!

+1 for assigning sub-tasks. Today I'm to copy/pasting to pull out sub-tasks into a shared list so they can be assigned individually. But for longer lists of subtasks, that's not appropriate (e.g. a list of people to invite to a party). It's not really practical to create a new shared list either.
+1 assign sub-tasks will really help set this app apart from other task management programs.
+ 1
Did you guys eliminate the ability to add individual tags to subtasks? This was the only way to assign a subtask to individuals and it appears to be gone with today's update
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