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TickTick Android 4.2.5 is here!
Major updates:

- Tap the task date on the right and check its COUNTDOWN days.
- Start a pomo via your home screen POMO WIDGET (premium).
- Custom SWIPE to start a POMO.
- EMOJI support for list names.

And more to discover for yourself. :)

TickTick Team
Why does the app now ask for contacts permission in order to login using Google?
Hello Allen,

This permission is required in order to share lists with your friends.
Thanks a lot for continuous upgrading Pomo abilities. It was oné reason why I shifted to Premium. I would like to propose to include background noise sound of caffeteria and/or kitchen timer ticking. Current sounds be better give lower volume level, currently they are more disturbing.
@Pavel, we will surely add more white noises to TickTick in future updates. A timer ticking one is under development now.
Hello TickTick team!
Your new function of countdown day is great! :D
I've got two comments about pomo function
1. Could you do something with easier changing the time (for example setting three different times for different purposes)?
2. Could you make a pause function? Sometimes someone breaks our focus and all work disappeared...
!!!!!!!!!! ОЧЕНЬ СРОЧНО !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ответьте пожалуйста есть ли в вашем приложении функция " найти и заменить " как в программе Word.
Моя цель : изменить название в " метки " (#) автоматически а не делать это вручную, потому, что очень много заданий помечено этой меткой (#) а я хочу быстро изменить её название! Спасибо большое

С уважением,
Этот вопрос я задал вчера утром и до сих пор не получил ответа! Я очень просил ответить СРОЧНО! :(((((((((
HELP! I upgraded from GTasks to Tick Tick on my Google Pixel and the app crashes every time I use it! Is anyone else experiencing this? How can I fix it without losing all my lists?!?
Это просто КАТАСТРОФА !!! Я три дня жду ответ на очень простой вопрос!!! Я вынужден буду поставить вам очень низкую оценку в плей маркете, если вы сегодня не ответите!!!
@Йосэф-Лиор Гинис ,

Sorry for the late response. Next time when you have a request, you may open a new topic in the help center. The devs sometimes missed the urgent replies under another topic.

To answer your question, this function is not available now. We have made plans to implement it in the future. Thanks.,

Could you double check whether all the GTasks data is at and all the TickTick data is at

If so, could you please open the app, find Send Feedback in the settings and send us an email (the email will auto collect the error log). We will then look into it for you soon.
Aircel. Portcord
Excellent Update!
when are you planning to support summer time not messing up the due dates/times??
Good afternoon. Dear developers, it's good that you are constantly improving the application. But you do not always need to change something. The new profile for Android is not clear to me. You have made quick access to the settings of the program, which you need once or twice for the entire time. And it became more difficult to get to the list of sheets and folders. Only through tasks. It is very uncomfortable. I propose to change these functions in some places. Lock the list of worksheets and folders in the shortcut menu, and return settings as it was earlier. I hope you listen to the user's opinion. Thank you in advance!
I too am experiencing the same issue as

I have Gtasks installed on my galaxy s9 and that works just fine along with the widget working fine too.

However, whenever I try to upgrade to TickTick inside the GTasks app, it causes the GTasks widget to break. So, I decided to uninstall GTasks and re-install it, along with downloading the TickTick app as well. I have a premium account with TickTick and logged in with that account. I also logged back into the GTasks app with the same email address.

The problem is that when my TickTick account is not syncing with my Google Tasks associated with the same email address that I use for GTasks. GTasks app is syncing my updated tasks just fine from my Google Account. And inside the TickTick app, I'm able to go under the security and data section under settings and Import GTasks to sync my Google Tasks.

However, if I make any changes to my Google Tasks from my laptop inside Google Calendar, there is not way for me to easily update/sync those changes with TickTick. The only option I have (that I can see) is to Sync my GTasks app with my Google Tasks/email and then re-import the newly updated tasks from GTasks inside the TickTick app. Which then creates a duplicate of every single list and task that I have with GTasks. This becomes a major chore to delete out the duplicate lists just to re-sync TickTick with Google Tasks updates.

Please let me know if there is an easier way to get TickTick premium account to sync with my Google Calendar Tasks? I do not want to have update GTasks app and then re-import the same lists with the new edits into TickTick every time. That will be a nightmare! Thank you in advance for your time and help!

Your Paying Customer, Brent
Why do you need to keep gtask? Just use tick tick app Brent
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