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Subscribed Calendars not appearing
Subscribed calendar (from Microsoft exchange in my case) are not appearing on the windows app. It kind of makes the calendar pointless if you only see your tasks and not the tasks from your main calendar. These appear on the web application, which is all the more confusing as to why they aren't on the windows app.

Win app does not support subscribed calendars now. We will implement the function in the future. Thanks.
I hope this is implemented soon - I purchased the full version without realizing this wasn't a feature.
I would also like this feature. Thanks
This is also essential for me please.

To subscribe via URL has already supported. Google cal support will be implemented later soon.
Still not working. I subscribed to iCal calendar and it shows everywhere except Windows app. Absolutely essential feature.
Hey Igor,

Did you subscribe to iCal successfully? If so, whether it is the calendar name displayed on the sidebar but the calendar events cannot be displayed?

If not, when adding a url, if it prompts "Calendar URL is invalid"?
Hey Carol,

yes, I successfully subscribed to the calendar (ics calendar from my AirBnb listing) and it displayed on the sidebar, but when I click on it there is a message "No events in the next 3 months", but it's not true. If I go to the web app it shows immediately.
Carol, I tried to delete and re-add it one more time and now I'm getting a message "Calendar URL is invalid". If needed, I can send you this calendar for investigation, just give me your email (BTW, it's AirBnb calendar, which is iCal and updated as I receive new reservations). Now I subscribed to this calendar via Google and added my google calendar to TickTick afterwards, but the sync is super slow this way.
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