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Bug Reporting on Repeated Task

I am using TickTick in my window(Chrome extension), Android, and iOS(iPad).

I made a couple of tasks which are repeated on weekly bases(for example, mon-fri 10pm regularly)

The first problem is that if I check today's task completed, it makes the task for tomorrow automatically even if I have it already on my calendar. So it becomes 2 same tasks at the same time. This is annoying, but not too much because it disappears if I refresh the calendar. (ex. click Inbox and return to calendar)

The second problem is more serious. The first week was fine. But starting from the second week, the calendar keeps putting some task in wrong places! (For example, the calendar put Friday 10 pm's task on Saturday 10 pm. It is only about the date, timing is right.) I have a lot of repeating tasks, so it messed up right now. I even cannot move the error-task to what it has to be because I cannot drag it. I think TickTick perceives it to be on Friday, although it is on Saturday in reality. This is a serious problem because using TickTick is meaningless with this bug. I have the same problem on all of my devices.

Plz work on this issue. and if I can add, I strongly want 'arrange task'(on calendar view) function on iPad. iPad is big enough to use it and the function is quite wonderful. Many iPad users will love it. Thank you.
Why don't you answer by now?? I am a more-than-a-year pro subscriber and want to get a reply from you guys!! it doesn't fix itself after deleting it and re-downloading it on my device! It is ok not to fix it right now, but you need to at least answer?!

Sorry for the late response. The post was missed by our dev. Thanks for bringing it up again.

The first issue will be fixed in the next update.

The second issue: could you let us know what date/repeat settings did you set to the tasks exactly?
Thank you for your reply. About the first issue, for an unknown reason, the problem was fixed in Chrome Extention. it works perfectly. But I still have the same problem on iOS and Android. (Right now, I assume that the problem was caused by the time difference - because it started after I got into the U.S this January - but not sure about it.)

first, all the tasks were started in February.
(1) Time 12:00pm - 1:00pm, repeat every weekday Mon-Fri, repeat ends on Jun 5, 2018
this is not on Mon-Fri, but Mon-Thu(12:00~1:00) and Sunday(sometimes 11:00~12:00 and sometimes 12:00-1:00)
(2) Time 5:00pm - 6:00pm, other settings are same with (1),
the problem is also the same (incorrect date, correct time)
(3) TIme 7pm - 8:30pm, repeat every weekday Mon, Wed. repeat ends on Jun 5 , 2018
it sometimes appears correctly on Mon, Wed, but sometimes incorrectly on Sun, Tue.
(4) Same time and same date repeat ends on with (3), but repeat every weekday Tue, Thu.
it sometimes appears correlty but sometimes incorrectly on Mon, Wed.

oh, there are so many. Above are not all, but other errors have the same pattern. I have 3 more tasks which have similar problems.

- First issue: We haven't released the fixed version yet. Did you mean it's been fixed itself on the web? Could you confirm that the exact same issue happened on iOS and Android again?

- Second issue: Yes, it might cause by the time differences. However, this is not an "issue" that we could fix. The way it works currently is to let the tasks follow the local time, not the time when they were created. We apologize for the inconvenience.
sorry, I put it incorrectly. the thing which I said was fixed is not the first issue, but the second issue. it is fixed just in Chrome extension, and problems remain in other devices.
How could I set the tasks to follow the local time? I made those tasks when I was in Washington D.C, so if it followed the local time, it shouldn't have the problems. I also tried deleting and recreating them, but the problem still remains(my devices are set to the local time of the U.S. The time they were created was the local time of D.C.).
(about the first issue, there's no change. looking forward to the fixed version, thanks.)
I think it's not just for the time difference because the error boxes appear not based on the exact time difference. For example, the difference between S.Korea and here Washington D.C is 14 hours (in Day Light Saving, it's 13 hours), but error boxes appear at the exact same time of the day before(or the day after - I'm not sure because it's repetitive) - so it's different by 24 hours. I'm still waiting for your answer.

Could you double check one of your tasks that has a time with it, see how it's been changed? Let us know.

Task "A" is scheduled on 12:00-1:00pm (for 1 hour) repeating every weekday(Mon-Fri), and the repeat ends on Jun 1, 2018.

However, in the monthly calendar, it appears on Mon-Thu and Sunday on 12:00-1:00pm. There is no change in the setting, it just appears on a different date. It seems that just a box on Friday moved to Sunday if I just look into one week, but looking into subsequent weeks, I believe that all the boxes were advanced by one day.

It is just one example, and there are other tasks which have the similar error. The reason why there are "similar"(not "same") is that some tasks are okay this week but problematic in future weeks. And there are tasks that do not have this error too.
And as I said, the errors are on iOS and Android. Chrome Extention had the same errors but it was fixed for no reason a few days ago. I do not have any idea what is wrong here..

Could you manually clear all the settings for this task and reset a time to it with the correct info, see it everything remains normal afterwards? If that's the case, the issue should be triggered with the changes of time zone. We will continue looking into it and try to improve it in the future.
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