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Need auto sync
My ticktick on Mac need press sync button manually to sync the modification made on my android app. Is this a feature or bug?

Normally, the sync should be automatically. Did you wait for a long time and the changes still didn't sync across to the mac app? What actions exactly did you make on other platforms?
What is the sync interval? I just mark some tasks completed on the android app, but after few minutes, they are still in an unfinished state.

I just made a test:

1. open android app, add new task, it did not appear on mac app
2. pull down to force sync manually on android app, it did not appear on mac app
3. press sync button on mac app, it appeared

so, i think there is some problem with the sync function on my mac app


macOS 10.13.3
TickTick 2.1.00(56)

Android MIUI
TickTick 4.2.1

We can't reproduce this issue on our side. When did this issue first occur? Was it always like this on your Mac?
since installed, but not always, after restart mac app, everything is ok.

The problem exist till date - mobile apps should do auto background sync instead you have to open mobile app and force sync to update changes made on Mac and Web App.
+1. Yes, as mentioned above, one has to open TickTick on iOS for the sync to take place. Imagine if we had to do this with our email clients every time to sync the latest emails?
Serious synchronization problems still exist. You have to work on it.
Please Note that the synchronization problem between mobile "android" & my pc still exist
Still occuring. If I only use android widget to make changes, the web app doesn't see changes for weeks, until I manually open TickTick app on android and then it syncs.
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