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Changing from monthly to yearly pro
I’m using the pro version and have been on a monthly plan. I have cancelled this with PayPal and have tried to renew but I’m told

We detected that you are using automatic renewal to subscribe TickTick on Paypal, which makes you can't purchase on web.

Do I have to wait for the month that I am on to expire?


Sorry that we haven't supported to switch plans in the app. You may manually cancel the monthly contract first and then resubscribe to the premiums service. Let us know if you need further assistance.
Hi I have canceled my monthly but I’ve payed for this month. Do I have to wait till this month ends to pay for the year?
Yes. If you don't want to waste this one month fee, you may wait till this month's over.
Not too bothered about wasting it but I’ve canceled the renewal on PayPal and it still won’t let me do the 1 year. Same error
It seems that you are still a premium in the help center too. Please double check whether you've successfully cancelled the subscription via: enter PayPal to cancel your subscription:
Yes says cancelled
So how am I going to sort this?
Any update yet?
Sorry for the late reply. Please check your account. It should be changed to a yearly contract already.
Aww, after reading this and googling around I am getting a bit unsure. Isn't there an easier way to change my monthly subscription into a yearly subscription? Or are you working on that?
hope to hear from you, regards,
We will provide a direct switch in the app in the future. Right now, you will need to manually cancel the current plan first and resubscribe.
I have the same issue. Needless to say that this is not yet the in the future of the promised direct switch.
I've logged in Paypal, cancelled the monthly subscription in order to go for the yearly one, but I get the error

We detected that you are using automatic renewal to subscribe TickTick on Paypal, which makes you can't purchase on web.

So now what? Do I have to backup all my data? Will I be able to chose the yearly subscription tomorrow, when the current premium subscription expires?

Later edit: it seems it takes some time to sync on your server, I tried again after ~10 hours and managed to update to the annual subscription.
I have the same issue right now, it has been over a year from the time this post has been created and unfortunately, the issue persists.

I had a monthly plan on my Android phone. I read from the faq that I had to do it manually, then I did cancel my subscription on Google Play store but then I couldn't even see the subscribe section for TickTick in Google Play store either. So now I can't solve the issue through TickTick's web nor Android App. I also can't solve it from the Google Play Store.

Is there anything else that I have to do that I haven't tried already?
I would also like to cancel my monthly subscription and go annual.

Question - if I cancel my monthly on Google Play and, when it expires, buy annual on the website, will I lose my custom lists? Or will they stay/re-appear?
Hey Kat,

You will not lose your custom lists just make sure the account of annual pro is consistent with
the monthly one.
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