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Cancel renewing payments
In the settings section of TickTick, under Premium Account, it says "Next Billing Date 2018-3-21" along with a renew button - I was wondering if this means that my account will be charged on the 2018-3-21 or whether I need to press renew to get another month of Premium access?

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Our premium subscription is an auto-renew service.You will be charged automatically via the same payment method that you used to upgrade before.
That's great - thank you.

How can I cancel this subscription if I need to?

I can't seem to find a cancel subscription button (only a renew button).
If you upgraded via Play Store on Android device, you can cancel your subscription in Play Store by:
1. Tap "Account" in sidebar.
2. Tap "Subscriptions" then find TickTick to cancel.

If it's iTunes, cancel your subscription in App Store by:
1. Scroll down the screen and tap your Apple ID at the bottom.
2. Tap "View Apple ID".
3. Tap "Subscription" and choose TickTick.
4. Tap "Cancel Subscription".

If it's PayPal, need to enter PayPal to cancel your subscription:
How to unsubscribe the app?
On web there is a "Renew" button, why not a "Cance"l button? This is very unpleasant...
Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback, have passed it to the product team and we will do an evaluation asap.
Not having a cancel option on the web version is very concerning. I was going to cancel for the summer and renew in the fall, but not making it easy to end a subscription is shady so I don't think I'll be doing that.
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