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Collapse/Expand lists
On Windows and the Web, we can click on a list name to expand/collapse the tasks underneath of it. For example in Today's view, if you are sorting by "List", you will see your lists and the tasks related to them underneath. Then there's that little arrow which you can click to temporarily hide the tasks under a list on a view temporarily so you can focus on other things.

Any luck this will happen on Android? I kinda like this feature and it allows me to focus on what I want to focus on during my day instead of seeing the entire list all day long.
Hello Wassim,

Sorry for the late reply. We will evaluate this feedback soon.

Thanks for the feedback. We will support this function in the future.
Great idea! Can it be generally implemented, i.e. not only collapsing lists but also tags if the view is sorted by tags and so on.
Also it might be usefull to foresee a 'collapse all' option in e.g. the upper right corner where the sort option sits. That way you can collapse all lists or tags or whatever view you sorted and expand only the one you're focussing on at a given moment.
+1 This seems like a small and essential feature across all platforms
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