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Can you add TIME filtering into Smart Filters please...

Could we have the ability to specify date *and* time when making Smart Filters please? It would be super useful.

For example - I have many things on my Today list, and I like that list sorted by List/Group rather than Due Date. But lots of those tasks are for tonight and I want to filter out that noise. I want to be able to setup a new Smart Filter for "Overdue OR Today before 6pm" and that would just show me what I have to focus on today at work.

I would also setup another Smart Filter for "Today after 6pm" which would instantly show me my evening so I can think ahead.

Things 3 for Mac had a concept of Today vs Evening, which was one thing I did like about that app before switching away.

I could tag tasks with #tonight but my tasks already have times on them and I don't want to double-handle the tasks. Plus, many tasks are repeating and just because I want to do this instance of a task tonight, I don't want the next to generate pre-tagged because I updated the description with a hashtag.
[I don't think you can a task without adding a hashtag in the description, can you?]

Hopefully, this isn't too hard to implement as there are already great tools for creating smart lists... the date part just needs tweaking.

Would be super useful to me.


Yes o yes :) i have also asked for this feature! Really hope it comes.
I use todoist now because of this. There you can set these filters/costom smart lists. The one i use the most is a filter that shows "overdue & due before:in one hour". then i dont have to worry about what needs to be done tonight, but focus on what needs to be done right now.

But i really like ticktick, so im coming right back as soon as this feature comes :)

Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
Hi - any news on this.Is it something you guys are considering? I'd love to be able to filter my day into daytime and evening. I know you can sort by time, but I like my today list grouped by listname, so if we could smart-filter using time as well as date then it would be cool.
yes, have you evaluated this?????
the only thing i miss from todoist
I definitely find the Evening filter to be my favorite feature of Things 3. You go to your Today folder, see something in your list that you don't have to do until after work and you put it into an Evening Group that appears at the bottom of your today list and you do this simply using CTRL+E shortcut key. I would like to see this in TickTick. CTRL+E send tasks to a set list titled Evening or a Section at the bottom of the Today list! The shortcut key is key here!
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