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Falha no filtro do Sumario
Não estou conseguindo filtrar as etiquetas no sumário.


Did you mean to "Sort by tag"? We haven't supported this function yet. Let us know if we misunderstood your request.
I would like to filter the tags in the summary and it does not work.
Consigo utilizar a ferramenta como um CRM ? Irá travar com muita informação ?

Could you be more specify about the tag issue? Did you select a tag in Summary to filter and it didn't show the results. Could you double check whether there were valid tasks with the correct tag that you select. For example, if you select a tag and there were no tasks with that tag, the results won't be shown.

About the CRM, what function exactly do you need it for?
The tags were not completed so they should appear.
How much data does the application support? Will he be slow?
Sorry for so many questions, but I spread it a lot. Me and my wife got the paid version. And I tell my friends

We are still working on trying to find the cause of the tag issue for you. However, it cannot be reproduced on our side. Could you please provide some screenshots that address the issue to We will look into it soon.
Yes of course ! I am sending a copy of the summary screen
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