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Feature Request(s): Reminder Repeat & Snooze
Hello! Great app, but there are two missing features that would make it notably more useful. First, users should be able to add repeats for reminders. For instance, if I have a reminder set for noon but don't want to miss it, I should be able to have it repeat every X minutes until marked complete. Second, the app should have easier/expanded snooze access. If I receive a notification and want to snooze it for a certain amount of time, I should be able to (a) customize that duration and (b) access the snooze button in a much more user-friendly way than what's available now. Thanks!

Both functions are available in our app. What is your platform?
I'm on iOS. I know there's snooze functionality by pulling the notifications screen down and clicking a TickTick notification from there, but it's not super user-friendly; it would be easier if we could access that directly from the app. And I haven't seen how to repeat a reminder other than setting it to repeat daily. What I had in mind was the option to repeat on more granular intervals, like every X number of minutes. Am I missing something in the app?

This is how snooze function works if you want to snooze a reminder that's not due yet. For custom repeat, select a task->repeat settings->custom (but we don't support mins as a unit).
Right. I was recommending that those features be improved/expanded, since they're currently neither intuitive, nor user-friendly, nor robust.
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