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Desktop app font sizes?
My use of the web app has now expanded to Desktop and I'm very appreciative of being able to have my lists in front of me more often.

Feature request? I'd love to be able to change the font size on the desktop overlay.

Great work, TickTick. Thanks for helping keep me on task.

Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
+1 on the ability to change font.

Still really enjoying TickTick. Best GTD app out there.

Please share with the Devs how much their app is appreciated!
+1 Tasks on a Mac app look really tiny, especially if I have only few per day
It would enhance the appearance of the task list if the sort headings were slightly bigger but mostly bolder. Or the sort dividers might be shaded for better separation.
Really wonder if you can make

- font customizable on mac/windows
- shortcut keys customizable on windows(why only on macos?)
+1 for MAC as well
+1. Pls, we need it. In my case, the font is larger than I need. Because of this, calendar is too big. The browser version is more comfortable. :\
Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback. We'll add your +1s for desktop app in the future though.
I would say that the a few more points are needed about an H3 heading in markdown.
For example.
- [ ] Last task in a list followed by this H3 heading
### This is an H3 heading
There needs to be more space between these lines.
Otherwise everything else looks great! I like the tightness of the lines!
Hi Gregg,

This has been noted and we will pass to the team for consideration.
Being able to increase the font size on my Windows desktop app will make things easier for me.
Here's a font workaround from a post in the Mac forum:

Suggestion for a temporary workaround: If you're using Chrome, install the TickTick extension, and click on it. The TT window that opens has no tabbed browser bar; looks and behaves much like the Mac app. AND you can enlarge the font: Command +
Not perfect... but not bad.
+1 for font changeability on Mac
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