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Desktop app font sizes?
My use of the web app has now expanded to Desktop and I'm very appreciative of being able to have my lists in front of me more often.

Feature request? I'd love to be able to change the font size on the desktop overlay.

Great work, TickTick. Thanks for helping keep me on task.

Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
+1 on the ability to change font.

Still really enjoying TickTick. Best GTD app out there.

Please share with the Devs how much their app is appreciated!
+1 Tasks on a Mac app look really tiny, especially if I have only few per day
TickTick is great and close to being my main app but I am not liking the fonts. The Mac OS app does not have great eye appeal and while functionality leads over appearance, it is better to have a pleasing app that you spend so much time with. Please change the fonts, size and type, refresh the GUI, in particular the icon reflecting notes and dates and especially task progress (this should be a priority because it is a differentiator), add some new photos (that work with the rest of the interface), and allow for tighter task lists. Font should include some bolder options.
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