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word wrap in comments not working
When I add a task comment that is longer than one line, it does not properly wrap to next line. It just cuts off words. It would be best if it displayed whole words.

OS: Windows 7 Professional
Browser: Chrome Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Example comment used: "It's a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very long comment."

The 17th "very" is cut into "v" and "ery", and a similar problem occurs on second line.

Note: It wraps just fine in the Android app. It's just the web browser view that cuts off words.
I see the same problem with sub-tasks, Descriptions, and even task names.

TT developers: Please fix this. It reflects poorly on the product. I'd guess you are losing potential customers because the problem is so visible and not found in other similar products (like Todoist, for example).

I guess I can accommodate this for now, but frankly it makes the software look "not-quite-ready-for-real-use." (And I have a Pro account, so I AM using it.)

I'm talking about the Win app as well as the web page displayed via the Chrome extension and in just about any other browser I've tried.

If someone knows of a browser for which the word wrap actually works.... well, I'd love to hear what browser that is.
I've been having issues with text wrap in the task descriptions in the web version on Windows 10 with Chrome browser. What happens is that part way into the second line the words overlap each other making everything look like mumble jumble. If I click another task and go back, it looks like it should, but once I start typing again, it goes back to the mumble jumble, making it so I can't see what I'm actually typing. It has been doing this for several weeks. Any help would be great! Thanks!
I've been experiencing the same issue on the web and on the chrome extension. This really makes it hard to use the description as a tool for producing useful work
Actually, this was first reported on Jan 18, 2018 under the subject "Task comments get messy". On Jan 19 someone, apparently from TT, posted "Yes, we are working on the issue with English now. Will try to fix it asap." Suffice it to say it has not been fixed and all my inquiries go unanswered. Unfortunately, this is very typical of TT. If I did not have so much effort invested in the app, I would switch in a heartbeat.
Hello guys,

Sorry for the troubles. This is a known issue with words being cut off in the app. We will try to fix it in the shortest time.
This is a MAJOR PROBLEM that is now TWO AND 1/2 WEEKS OLD. When is this going to be fixed? To be clear this is not a request for a major enhancement but a "PRODUCTION ENVIRONEMENT ISSUE". I am a retired IT professional and my former employer would never have allowed a problem such as this to linger so long. It seems to me that you probably changed something that change a feature that was working perfectly well so you should start by looking at changes around January 18.

BTW, I am very tired of never getting responses.
We will release the fixed version within this week. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
Has this been fixed? I tried writing about 10 lines of text and I no longer see garbled text. If so, thanks for fixing this. It would be nice, however, to send a notification when you fix something that folks have been complaining about.
I've noticed it's been fixed for me. I'd like to thank the developers for fixing this. In the six years I've been using this, I've experienced only two issues, and have appreciated the response from you guys. I've also appreciated your response to improvement suggestions as well. You make an awesome product!
I am now experiencing word wrap issues as well in my tasks. I see that this has been an issue with some other people dating back to 2018. I posted a previous comment regarding this a few days ago. Here are examples:

Follow up James received $50 gift card fro
m Amazon.

Book flight to Austin and advise Bob and Ani
ta of itinerary.

Arrange for appointment with Dr. Ross at the hospit
al for early next week.

Would like to know if anyone else experiencing this issue at the moment.
Hi Steven. Note that my original post was only about text wrapping in task comments in Chrome, but I just checked wrapping everywhere and it seems it's all fine. I checked on Chrome on Windows 10 and on my Android app. I checked task subject, task description, sub task, task comment. All seems good. Please, share your specific circumstances, as it will help Devs troubleshoot.
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