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TickTick Android 4.2.0 is available now
-Introducing the new UX design for TickTick Android app. Get ready to work with four tab page views!
-Raised the limit for estimated pomo to 30.

Go ahead and update your TickTick Android if you haven't already done so!

TickTick Team
Please make the tabs & FAB optional. I want the always-visible quick add block back and these tabs removed all-together. Sorry but adding the tabs was (in my opinion) one of the worst decisions ever made by TickTick.
Please get rid of the annoying + inside the circle/dot command button. It is too visually intrusive in relation to the size of the list elements.
We really appreciate your feedbacks on this one.The team is carefully re-evaluating the new tab&FAB view now. Haven't reached a conclusion yet.
I am loving TickTick - just one annoyance and one request.

The annoyance is the tasks not being ordered by time. I want to be able to see my day's plan in order at a glance, and having to order it manually everyday is a pain.

The request is a friendlier interface for visually-oriented people. Perhaps to an extent this will come if I decide to buy premium and have access to more backgrounds, but really I'm just spoilt by the rounded angles and colours of Airtable (even the free version) and I'd also like custom icons for tasks like Business Calendar has.
@C-L B

I agree that there should be more customizations for sorting without having to do it manually, but can't your particular issue of seeing it as a timeline be solved by using the calendar?
I also don't like that tab bar in the bottom. It's wasted space in my opinion.

But sliding left to see the calendar/settings would be a nice feature. Maybe you could add a listener to the header or to the top of the bottom, which allows you to slide to see different views. This is a common way of displaying content in Android apps.

And by the way, still waiting for this plus button in the quick add bar, to optionally add a full task with details. Why I have to choose between those two ways of adding a task? I need both!
Yes, another vote for making the tabs at the bottom optional. And the circle takes away valuable screen real estate. Now I have to deal with the annoying plus circle and do two taps for every task entered, and often I enter dozens in a row as I am setting up my day. Plus, I have no need to have the settings and pomo there at all (like we can't access them from the menu!) It would be neat to have the calendar view more accessible, I do like that. But maybe it could be a button on the top bar or something.
You can't satisfy everyone can you? I love the tab view.
Even if you dig the tab view, it should be optional. Zero reason everyone should be forced to use it.
I do like that now I can see the current pomo progress at all times in the bottom tray. That is a big plus in my opinion so thanks for that. I also like how it is easier to access the pomo feature instead of looking for it in the long list where it normally is located. I do think it adds a little noise(the settings button isn't needed I think since I don't change settings that frequently).
OK so obviously we're split. Some think it's cool and some think it's not.

TickTick: Please give us an option to switch this on or off. That should settle the dispute. I personally really need it the old way without anything changed. Even when I turned the view of the calendar on, I always wanted it in the smart lists section.
Tab view optional then. For those that love the new view can switch on at will. The sooner the better.
Firstly; yes, the program is great and I love it. However, need the ability to remove large circle button to add. Option doesn't work. I prefer the quick entry at the bottom on phone. Tabs with my favorite 3 or 4 favorite lists would be great. [** Instead of tasks/calendar/settings, I could designate today/next 7 days/my custom list. **] On the tablet it's not so bad. Voice entry seems to be working MUCH better thanks.
Another vote to make the tabbed view optional. I like having the quick add bar at the bottom. It really is QUICK!
Another vote for optional tabs and FAB.

I love TickTick and allowing me to choose the quick add bar instead would make it perfect again.

For me, the worst thing is the FAB - the large, obstructive + button bottom right. It's like being told adding tasks is the most important thing on the screen all the time. It isn't. Also the quick add bar allows adding tasks faster when you want to.
I see that tab on the bottom of the app is some kind of a new trend but, as other TickTick's users, I don't like that. Optional is a solution. But I didn't know that cooperate with pomo mode, I'll check it, but till know I didn't used your pomo. Hm… Bradley Wilkerson's idea sounds fine, but maybe that bar should be smaller?
I don't get what circle are you talking about?

I'm only wainting for time when I'll be able to adding all options for task via mail ;)
Please make the tab view optional. I don´t use the calendar - now the tab is only wasting space!
I love the tab at the bottom, sorry to disagree with others. At least leave it optional!
Scintilla - I called it a circle. I'm referring to the + button. I would appreciate 4 tabs at the bottom perhaps. A small plus for new task and 3 other customizable tabs allowing me to specify quick views of my choice (including custom lists and/or tags).
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