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Tabs are visual noise!
Today update has brought a surprise - I mean tabs on the bottom...

One of the greatest TickTick feature was clean look. To my taste added tabs (oh, awful world, even settings are there! :)) add visual noise to the screen.

Please, make tabs optional.

To TickTick users: please, support my humble claim! ;)
I just hate, Hate, HATE these new tabs. I enjoyed the always visible quick add at the bottom instead. I do not use Pomodoro Timer and never use the calendar, and barely access the settings. I don't really understand why TickTick decided to take this route.

I am already looking for an alternative todo app just because of these annoying tabs. Total failure. What a pity. TickTick screwed up in this round, but I'm not gonna wait ages before they re-estimate rolling back this change because based on my knowledge with how TickTick works, it'll take them ages before they even consider any request and I just can't live with these tabs for another day.
They really need to make these kinds of changes optional.
I hear you. I need these changes to be optional too - TickTick used to be perfect.

For me, the worst thing is the FAB - the large, obstructive + button bottom right. Those buttons are like a disease spreading through good apps and making them bad.

A large FAB getting in my way and obscuring my view is annoying, it's like you are being told adding tasks is the most important thing on my screen all the time. It isn't.

Please make FABs optional, TickTick folk. They make me want to move to a non-Android phone (the smaller the screen the more offensively obtrusive they are) and make me want to stop using any product that forces FABs on you. I love TickTick, please don't drive me away.
Agree, the button is also evil, but at less degree than tabs to my taste. Probably the button as the only anti-cool feature would not provoke me to look for competitors.
I still miss the add task button on the notification going into the app, into the full new task screen, not that mini mode it does now (at least on Android). Can't add a checklist, can't go into detail with the task, just quickly add and then have to go into the app and modify it.

The settings are really well done, it's a bit baffling why they don't allow you to choose some of these crucial aspects of the software to stay as is, or enjoy the updated method.
Yes, I was also horrified to see the tabs at the bottom with no way to turn them off. If you're going to take away screen space, you need to replace it with something important. Settings is not important. And if I wanted a + button, I would have used the quick ball (another annoying element). I added all my tasks with the bar at the bottom. Give it back!
I agree the settings is not important enough and it adds some noise to the screen.
I'm affected by the tabs because not only settings are used rare. I don't use pomo and calendar at all. Absolutely. Sure to be not alone here :)

We will improve the tab views and FAB in the future updates. Thanks.
I "Do" use the tabs a lot, so if you are going to remove it, please make it a user system setting so people can choose.
I "Do" use the tabs a lot, so if you are going to remove it, please make it a user system setting so people can choose.
Today update hasn't brought a way to turn tabs off. But the team has promised... What's the deal?
Am I missing something? We're just talking about the navigational tabs, right? Jeeze, some people should consider lightening up.
I love the app, some things more than others, but overall it's great. Wish we could have an undo, or back button though.
I like the tabs. I like not having to dig around for the settings, I use the Pomo, and don't find the FAB to be that big of a problem since I scroll my tasks behind it anyway.
Still impossible to turn tabs off. But was promised. When?

Good afternoon. Dear developers, it's good that you are constantly improving the application. But you do not always need to change something. The new profile for Android is not clear to me. You have made quick access to the settings of the program, which you need once or twice for the entire time. And it became more difficult to get to the list of sheets and folders. Only through tasks. It is very uncomfortable. I propose to change these functions in some places. Lock the list of worksheets and folders in the shortcut menu, and return settings as it was earlier. I hope you listen to the user's opinion. Thank you in advance!
^^ Well said. Settings should be zapped for sure and tabs made optional, or let us choose which tabs we want? I only use Task and Pomo tabs daily, barely the calendar and the settings do not deserve that much UI real estate as like Ivan says above we rarely need to go into it.

Makes little sense that in this day and age such powerful, regularly updated software on a phone screen would force the user to be cluttered with half the features he doesn't need.
I went back to version 4.1.5 to return to the UI I enjoy and find useful. I really hope the tabs and FAB will be made optional, so I can stay up-to-date again.

Please TickTick folks, keep your product great and make us happy with options!
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