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Resizeable width of the left pane or list name wrapping
With long list names, it is not possible to see the full name due to limitation of characters and fixed left pane width. It is requested to have it resizeable or introduce text wrapping in list names

To change the current UI is not in our plan. However, you can always move your cursor hover onto the list name to view its full name.
Hello oilexxxi

I can see you are now able to change the width list on Windows application - but what about in the browser?

I simply cannot get an overview of my Lists and projects because of this simple oversight.
It looks like I cannot change the width of the left pane on the MacOS app. This pretty much makes the app useless to me.

The browser version (using Safari) is a tiny bit better as it shows a little more of my folder names but it is still pretty much useless.

Pointing at each list name, one at a time is NOT a solution.

Please add this simple design feature to your update plans. Thanks.
+1 Bizarre that you can't change width of either sidebar on Web, but can on Windows.
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