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How to mark a task not completed
Our whole family is using TickTick now to track a variety of things across school, personal hygiene, extracurricular etc... we want to track the level of completion of these mostly recurring tasks ... but I have not found a way to mark a task as incomplete (and will never be completed) ... it seems like I only have the option of checking it off, or letting it sit in overdue bucket which get some long and annoying for stuff that is never going to get done.

For example- make our bed... if I did not make bed one day, it will reflect incorrectly in the weekly completion rate if I check it off... but if I don’t check it off it will sit there as overdue ad infinitum.

Am I missing some capability that is there, or I am I simply not able to do this?

Thank you

Sorry, to support mark a task as not completed is not in our current plan.
This is a much needed feature.
This feature is needed .hope the "Archive" tasks feature they include it in futur release.
Agreed this feature is so needed especially for a Todo app like Tick Tick. I also wish there was a view that would let me look at all my lists at the same time
I think I have a solution for this for reoccuring daily tasks by using the defer feature:

1. Set task to reoccur daily
2. If you want to "Drop" the task, simply swipe (on mobile) and defer to tomorrow

Optional Steps:

3. Create smart list to only show: Today, Overdue, and No Due Date
4. Run your tasks from #3 smart list views and ignore the built in Default Date Based TickTick Smart Lists when it comes to chores, etc.
5. Kind of goes with #4, and depends on your own personal situation, but put your chores inside of it's own list that is "hidden from smart lists"...which means it avoids the Default TickTick time based smart lists (Today, Tomorrow, Etc.) but still shows up in the custom smart lists.

This works for me by keeping my stats accurate and since recurring tasks aren't created until they are completed, the task is waiting for me the next day without duplicates.

I then use smart lists (for example I have a "morning routine" smart list) and make sure that it only shows: Overdue, Today, and No Due Dates with tasks tagged as "morning-routine".

Hope this helps!
This is a simple and much needed feature.
Any news on this issue?
it will be nice if one can configure how to consider the task is completed
like in habit customization
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