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How do you manage projects within projects in tick tick?
I have big projects that require them to be divided up into smaller projects so that they are manageable. In my current task manager, I would just add subtasks to the subtasks but that doesn't seem to be a feature here. How do users of this app currently manage this>

We have four levels now that are designed to help users organize their to-dos: Folder, List, Task, Subtask. If these are not enough in your user case, you may also add description for task as a note.
I would like to pitch in for this as a feature request--the ability to have multiple layers of parent folders and lists would be incredibly useful.
I agree - subfolder in projects would be great!
+1 !!
+1 - But Tags are also another layer of organization
Tags don’t work for projects because you just end up with a long list of them.

It would be great if you had sub projects, +1 to this.
I would love to see sub-folders added in the next version!

Please add this. This is an essential feature for many people.

Thank you.
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