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Editing Repeating Tasks (Individual vs Series)
It would be great if when a repeating task is scheduled it gets mapped to a smart logic that can distinguish between an individual task and the series of tasks - so that when you change the time of an individual occurrence of that task you are prompted to select between editing that one occurrence of the task or the entire series. This way if the time is changed - it does not affect the repeat occurrences of the task that follow it (similar to how one is prompted when editing repeat events on Outlook or any calendar program like iOS Calendar or Google Calendar)

For example:
Task A is scheduled to repeat every weekday at 9:00 AM. If I edit a single occurrence that is to take place on Tuesday and change it to 8:30 AM, instead of 9:00 AM -> I should be prompted if I want to change only that occurrence or the entire series of tasks. Right now, if I change the task that is scheduled to repeat at 9:00 AM to 8:30 AM - the change will affect the entire series of the task - or in other words, it will always show up at 8:30 AM.

What is your platform? Have you tried to swipe left on a repeat task -> choose the quick date menu ->postpone it? That way it will only change the time for the current task without effecting the whole occurrence.
Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Web

Postponing is different. If I use the quick date menu and postpone a repeat task to tomorrow (as suggested) what happens is: I will take that task and reposition it to tomorrow. That is not what I am suggesting. What I am trying to do is change the time of one occurrence of a repeat chain of tasks -> without impacting the way the chain is scheduled to repeat.

For example, if I am busy today and cannot start a repeat task I have scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM everyday, but have some time to do it at 6:00 PM instead - I should be able to change the time of the task to 6:00 PM without impacting the way it is scheduled to repeat at 9:00 AM everyday when I either edit it (in the task view) or drag and drop it (in the calendar view). But what happens if I do that now is that when I mark it complete the task will repeat tomorrow at 6:00 PM and not repeat at 9:00 AM the way the sequence should and was set up to repeat.

The reason why seems to be because when a repeat task is created in TickTick only one task is created that serves as a trigger for the next. In other words, there is no actual chain or sequence of tasks created when a repeat task is scheduled. You can see this in the different views if you simply try to find the second instance of a repeat task - it is not there, it is waiting on the first one to be completed.

There should be a difference between regularly scheduled tasks (the functionality I am suggesting for here) and tasks that get scheduled upon completion (which is how the repeat tasks appear to be functioning now and is also great to have - as a second option).
Got it. We will consider to implement such function in the future.
Oilexxxi, has there been any progress on the implementation of this? As this is a big issue for me when it comes to scheduling my day around repeating tasks. Thanks.
Any update?
It has been released in version 4.8.0 of the iOS & Android. Remember to make changes in the calendar view. :)
Thanks oilexxxi. I tested it but am still seeing the same issue. I went to the calendar view. Enabled “show all repeat cycles.” Made a change in the initial task of a recurring task -> and I saw the recurring tasks mirror the change in the initial task. This is the same issue as before. It would be useful if a user had the ability (like through a prompt) to change either that first initial task separately or for the entire chain to follow the change (as it does now) - there is a need for both functions.

The new function is for changing a future recurrence. If to change the first recurrence of the task, all future cycles will be changed as usual.
Is there any update on this? I'd love to be able to change an occurrence of a repeat task instead of the entire series. The only way I found around this is to use the duplicate feature and change the date on the duplicated task so I don't screw up my series.

Microsoft's Outlook solves this problem in a very simplistic way: when you go to modify the date/time on a repeating task, it prompts you and asks if you would like to modify the occurrence or the series. This is really all we're looking for.


Is there any update on this? I find this is the only thing missing from this app. I'm surprised it's not a feature already. The idea of not doing a repeated task at the exact same time every day seems pretty common to me.

Is the feature on the roadmap and if not, what can we do to get it there?
Just writing here as a support to Rob and keep this suggestion alive. For me this is the only function missing from TickTick being the perfect calendar.
Just like Google calendar has when you change a future repeated task: "would you like to change this for the whole series, or just this occurrence?"
I have a recurring task I need to do every day but my schedule is variable. Ideally, as my day/week changes, I could just drag that task around to whatever point in the day which best fits. I do not want to postpone it until the next day and I may not want to postpone it at all, I may want to do it earlier. Is this possible with TickTick? Because I really need an app that's as flexible as my schedule.

Currently, I created a custom recurring task on a PC desktop app and then used the calendar view of the Android app to drag them to where I wanted them. However, every individual task that I dragged to a new time disappeared. :(
Totally agree with everyone here. Is there an update on when we can be expecting this? It's a pretty useful and common feature in other apps and it is a big hassle in my current tick tick workflow.
adding to the chorus here, especially as @rose described. i have recurring tasks each day, but when i'm planning out each week, one of these might need to go to a different time for one day of the week, and i can't move it until all occurrences beforehand have been completed.
I have tasks that I set to recur once a week, but not at any particular time. However, at the beginning of each day I like to timeblock the day; I wish I could edit an instance of a recurring task to occur at a particular time, while keeping the recurrence.
Agreed with everybody on this thread. Being able to update or delete an individual instance of a recurring task without it affecting other tasks in the sequence would be a much welcomed feature.

As others have pointed out, the existing user experience does not work at all for those of us with recurring tasks but flexible/variable schedule. The way google calendar does it is a great example of how this could work beautifully in my opinion.
More then 2 years later and no improvement of this essential future ��
I agree this is essential. I do not have this problem with Todoist.
This is the "only" core feature that is lacking from TickTick. I am surprised how now, more than 2 years since I first posted about this issue, nothing has been done about it - especially considering the amount of attention it received and the fact that some recent updates (like nesting tables) are less core and more complicated to implement?!
Go Taz! 100% agree with your post. It would be nice to know if the TickTick team is working on this feature. I use workarounds, but it's just so much friction in my otherwise shiny TickTick workflow..
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