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Feature Request: Nested Folders for lists
As the number of lists grows over time in my account I'm finding that the ability to nest folders within other folders for organizing would be really helpful for my workflow. I was curious if that's something that is available on your roadmap?


Sorry, to support this function is not in our current plan. We already have four levels: folder, list, task, subtask; are you still finding it too difficult to organize your things?
Yes. I've been trying to use Folders to divide up large areas (Work, Family, Self, etc.), then Lists in those for the different categories of task or topic, depending on the area. Individual tasks represent a unit of work, sub tasks I generally only use as reminders about different details of that work that I might miss otherwise. I don't use sub-tasks much more than that because they're limited in capability versus regular tasks. If sub-tasks were just tasks parented to other tasks instead of lists (i.e. you could click into them and view them just as you would a top level task and add subtasks to those / descrition, all that) then that would also give me an option. The problem is the fixed 4 levels of hierarchy, it can be addressed at either the top level (folders) or bottom level (tasks) by allowing those to nest in a more fully featured way. Folders parented to other folders, or sub tasks being full fledged tasks that can have their own subtasks, etc. Then the hierarchy is flexible for any need.

Hi Dennis,

I understand your situation and I agree with you. Sometimes I have this idea too as to organize in a larger areas and all other folders will be nested in one higher hierarchy folder. But I believe TickTick developers will focus on where most users usage behaviour are. Sorry to say, user like you maybe contributed only 5% of total users? Just my guess.

So I have adopted what TickTick has offered. After adjusting here and there, I can conveniently use TickTick existing feature without any problem. But still, having another higher hierarchy to nest other folder is a plus. But even Trello has 4 levels of task organization. I think it is standard.
Guess I'll cast my vote for dev consideration on this too. I'm having the exact same dilemma. The category nesting is too shallow, 3-4 deep, for me to file things the way I ideally want to. Because of this, if I stick with TickTick, I end up having to forgo the broadest categorizations at the top so I don't end up wasting a functional categorization level, which leads to more visual clutter.

The current system of lists, task, and subtask is mostly adequate, but at least one or two extra extra levels of folder nesting (subfolders) would go a very long way.

TickTick seems to be the best option out there for me at the moment, but I'm definitely seeking a better alternative until this is added.
I would love one more Folder of nesting on the TOP LEVEL as well!
This is actually something I think they're not able to do. It's why web apps aren't as strong as native apps that you download on your computer that are more feature-rich. I haven't seen real task nesting in a web app yet. Todoist doesn't count because it doesn't have a hierarchical structure where the parent and child task are directly connected. This is the downside of web technology for now otherwise, I think they would have done it by now.
I´m new here and testing the TickTick Pro version, but like Dennis I'm finding too, that the ability to nest folders within other folders would be really very helpful for me. Something new about this TickTick Team?
I was thinking about that, but i think it would be hard to use, i realize that i dont even use lists for most of the time, it mostly inbox. Lists are good for collab or project, but you dont need to label every task to complete it.
+1 for nested folders or subtasks
This is the perfect feature edition, if you don't care literally nothing changes but it's there if you need it.
+1 please!

Also, could we please have folder COLORS?
Phil from 2020 here. I would love this feature too. Nestable folder would be awesome!

yet-another-tim from 2020 here. I too +1 this feature request. Further, as the OP suggested in his second comment, making subtasks nested tasks instead (i.e. same functionality as tasks) seems like a great move as well.
this to join my colleagues, reinforce the need of the nested folders.
The "Colors" feature is pretty good too.

Do you have a list of the "plan of next implementations" ? What's the link to it ?

Just to chime in on this, I like the idea of nested folders, but I would really love to see the ability to nest sub-tasks inside of other sub-tasks.

I don't see this sort of addition to the app making it too complicated since it can be implemented without affecting the users who don't have a use for it.

Just my thoughts.
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