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Completion of Tasks in Calendar
I was always wondering, when you complete a task from within the calendar, why doesn't the task window close? Or when applying other actions too, for that matter, you always have to click Esc to close the task window, or click somewhere else. This applies to the Win app version too.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This is how it works at the moment. We will evaluate your feedback soon and see what we can do to improve it in the future. Thanks.
Not an inconvenience per se, just a bit counterintuitive I guess... Thanks.
My vote for existing behavior. Otherwise you need to reopen popup to do more than single action
Sg, I agree that in some (rare) instances you do need to do an additional action or two after you mark the task complete, but in general when you click complete, it's complete and there is no need for it to stay open. IMHO.
I'd agree with Nickolay.

I have a mix of both calendar events (tasks) and regular ones. I want to tick them one by upon completion.

It is very inconvenient that is not so now.
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