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Date format
The date format for task due dates has changed to YY/M/D. This is quite awkward. How do I reset the date format?

The date format in Android did not change and all other views of TickTick retained the normal format.

Our date format is the same as how it's set to be on your devices. Please change it on the computer first, then check TickTick.
My computer time is set to the correct format and the only part of TickTick which displays the incorrect date format is the 'task due date'.
Got it. Will pass it to web devs and let them see how to improve it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Can I show date format as DD-MMM instead of MMM-DD (e.g. 11 May instead of May 11)? My windows 10 system setting is using DD-MMM but both the TickTick windows desktop app and web app are showing MMM-DD. Thank you.
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