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App for Linux
Are you planning application for Linux?
Not in the current plan. Sorry.
+1 for a Linux app
Will be good to have TickTick app for Linux. It can be easily created via Electron technology, based on web interface version of TickTick, more info is here:
This app will work not only on all Linux versions, but on all other desktop OS (Windows, Mac).
Hi devs,

How about an open source version just for linux ?
Maybe the community could help build something cool if the Core devs don't have the time for a Linux app ? I'd sure love to stop opening chrome to use TickTick everytime.
As a Linux User, +1 :). Using something like Electron and just wrap web interface in to an app would be enough. You can also bundle it as Snap or Flatpak, so it will run on every Linux distro (no need to have different packages like .deb, .rpm etc...)

I recommend, you can contact Canonical (Ubuntu) and they'll gladly assist.
Another +1 for a linux app :)
Linux app please
Absolutely loving tick tick. Would be great if it adds a linux app.
+1 for Linux App. Snap is perferred and easy for development.
+1 for native linux app!
chromium + app mode
Linux APP need)

>> chromium + app mode
Very uncomfortable
Hi! Code some app for tick tick for chrome users, for me it's wery helpful)

Here link for use:

+1. Please, devs listen to the community otherwise we need to switch to other apps.
Hi guys! One more way from me:

For me its perfect!
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