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Import Omnifocus data in ios?
Hi, i want to import my Omnifocus data but it does not work in ios? Can you help??

You can do it with TickTick on the web via settings->backup->Omni import. The data will then sync across all platforms.
Thanks - but had a go and nothing happened- might be me though ... I will have another go !
Hi, i save an omnifocus backup as .csv And then imported to ticktick, it looked like something was happening - (the blue 3 blue dots pulsed for a while) then ticktick opened up and nothing had changed!?....any suggestions??
Same problem with me. The omnifocus file seems to be ok (.csv file with comma separators) but nothing happens when importing.
So, TickTick - what's the solution? Please comment

Did you encounter the exact same issue? Could you describe your issue again?
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