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Synchronization with Google calendar
I have added the provided URL to my Google Calendar but Ticktick tasks do not appear anymore. on the other side, a warning icon appears near my profil name in ticktick in google app : may I find a related warning message somewhere ? maybe linked to the fact that I can't upload the last version of chrome extension ?
thanks in advance for your help


Did you receive the warning message in TickTick? If so, you will need to verify your email in TickTick in order to complete the subscription.(Settings->profile)

done and no warning message anymore but ticktieck entries still not appear in moy google agenda....
I need a real time sync with Google Calendar. Please get this done asap.

Subscribing to Google Calendar in TickTick is real-time sync (you may also use the manual sync to keep it as fast as you want). If you meant the subscription in Google, I'm afraid we can't help with that. The sync speed is not controlled by us.
It seems TickTick team has added Google Calendar 2 way sync
For me it works well.
Testing now...

From the changelog:
Google Calendar two-way sync is available! You can edit the Google Calendar event in TickTick now.
- Task Template feature is rolled out here. You can save a list of routine tasks as templates, such as your meeting agenda, baggage list, etc.
- Add a task completion sound, you can hear a clear and melodics sound when you complete the task.
Two-way sync is available BUT only one way. You can edit a google calendar event in Tick Tick and it updates in real time. Including on Google Calendar

BUT you cannot edit a Tick Tick event in Tick Tick and have it update in Google Calendar in real time

In other words, you can use TT's calendar but not GC's calendar in real time.

So this is ok if you want to replace your Google Calendar with Tick Tick but I do not want to do that, and I presume most people don't want to do that. GC is ubiquitous. It's the Interstate. And TT is a surface street that should feed into GC, not the other way around. Just my 2 cents
One of my tasks is listed twice on my tasks list, once with an empty checkbox and once with a symbol, which looks like a silhouette of a megaphone on its side with a few bands decorating it.

A second task that I thought I had removed has the same symbol.

I am unable to remove either of these items with this symbol.

I will gladly send jpegs or pdfs of these views if that would help solve this problem

Follow the steps bellow for an instant sync:

1 - Remove ticktick agenda from Google Calendar;
2 - Remove ticktick agenda URL at ticktick settings;
3 - Generate another ticktick agenda URL;
4 - Create a new agenda at Google Calendar with the new URL.
incredible it works wonderfully,
synchronization in both directions in 3 seconds,

Could u please provide more detail on how u did this, i.e. where & how do u remove the tick tick agenda from Google calendar, the tick tick agenda URL, & then put in the new URLs.
+1 for more detailed explanation. I have only gotten as far as mcnatt did (above).

This is a critical feature! I have paid for todoist and cancelled my TickTick because it does not seem to work. Needs to be (1) real time, and (2) two way , and (3) allow creation or editing of a task in both GCal and ticktick.

If this is doable, and reliable, then it should be explainable. Needs a step by step help or blog post.

Plus if it were doable I would see more third party reviews and how-to instructions.

Time blocking is huge. And it is a growing trend. And almost no competitors offer real-time, two-way sync, so I think TickTick would really stand out to make a this work and promote it like crazy.
Todoist has two way sync with Google Cal and it works great. Also can sync with Apple Calendar, both of which is great if you like putting your tasks on your calendar to get a better sense of how much time you need for each task. This is the main reason I haven't yet switched to TickTick.

my 50 cent after doing some testing. Tick Tick publishes changes almost instantly to the published adress (as given in Tick Tick settings on web version).
Its *the receiving part* that dont pick up / refresh the changes quick enough, e.g. Google Calendar.

If you e.g. open desktop version of Outlook for Windows 10, you can subscribe to the Tick Tick internet calendar adress *but* you must also click the advanced button, and in that popup unclick "follow standard" sync or whatever it said (see John_Babbitt 1st / top entry in )
Problem solved, you can now auto refresh yourself or set it to autorefresh after e.g. 5min.

If you open Google Calender on web and add the adress, it instantly syncs correct Tick Tick data the 1st time, but then it does not directly show changes you do in Tick Tick. This is not Tick Tick problem, instead Google Calender dont refresh its data often enough.
I Googled some and found this fix:
You copy, then edit & then run/start a script on Google Drive (follow instructions), I set the refresh interval to 5min, and now Tick Tick updates is reflected on Google Calender after 5min (and whatever other device you subcribe this calender to). Dont know if you can set refresh to 1min, maybe there is a limit on Google side how often you may automatically run scripts (?)
Problem solved!

If Todoist works better without doing above is strange, either they "are previliged" for more frequent updates by Google or they have some setting in their .ics-file changing the refresh rate of Google Calendar, or possibly using another/newer protocol for publishing internet calendars.

Im no expert in this but now I found my solution for refresh at least every 5min on all my devices Win/Mac/iOS

Added info for Outlook 365 web version / Mac Outlook.
I found that subscribing to an internet calendar in "Office / Outlook 365 for web" suffers from same problems, either taking Tick Tick published calendar adress directly or a link to Google Calendar. Here I did not find a fix / script / setting.
So to e.g. get Tick Tick updated in "Outlook for Mac" or iOS calendar, add your Google Account and from that select to sync your Google Calendar named "Tick Tick script sync" or whatever you named it.

Bonus info: A (old) page indicating how often a service / program updates data from a published calendar:
EDIT TO ADD: There seems to be a solution to the duplicate tasks and the events showing up on task lists: I submitted a help request and found out you can right click on the name of your Google calendar in the TickTick sidebar, select Edit in the popup, then you can choose to show or hide each individual calendar from Google. If you hide the TickTick calendar, the duplicate tasks go away.

Original message below:

Agree this is a major issue. If I add something to my TickTick at the beginning of the work day, it might not show up on my calendar until after the day is over--that's not good for a productivity app.

If Todoist can make near-instant, perfect 2-way sync work, the devs need to explain why TickTick can't. It shouldn't be up to us customers to figure it out.

Also it's not just Todoist that works, I'm able to sync my company's Outlook 365 calendar to my GCal -- not quite as fast as Todoist, but it syncs within 30-60 minutes.

I'm also getting duplicate tasks in my list like the user who posted on 2019-10-31.

Finally, I would like to be able to hide items imported from my main Google calendar on my TickTick task lists. Currently my "Today" and "Next 7 Days" lists are cluttered with meetings, holidays, and random events that aren't able to be marked complete and don't disappear even after the event is over. These events can at least be "collapsed" on the "All" view, but there's no such option on the other lists. I only want to see Google Calendar events on my Calendar view, not in my task lists.

Thank you.
the script suggested earlier in the thread here:
works beautifully and has a lot of nice options for configuring the sync , how it displays in GCal etc. It is really simple to setup.

I still wish TickTick would provide this out of the box, but definitely the script should be sufficient for most users. I would actually recommend that TickTick support formally suggests this workaround for this commonly asked feature.

as 1 user pointed out GCal is ubiquitous so regardless of the power of TickTick cal I will always need GCal.
I just bought ticktick premium, and after adding google calendar I waited 24 hours and tasks didnt show up on google calendar. I also tried this script thing and I do not understand what I need to change in lines 19-24
Hello Folks,

I hope this will help some...

I was able to accomplish this nicely with the recommended script. However, if you're not familiar with such things, it can be confusing so...

Prep: Login to your Google Account (you'll need this because you have to use Google drive to host the script.)

1) Go to the script link as given:
(You may have to ignore Google security warnings, use the Advanced continue option and then accept permissions.)

2) Per instructions, Copy the script.
(This doesn't seem to do anything but it actually should copy the script to your Google drive.)

3) Go to your Google Drive and find the copied script.
(If its not there, make sure you're logged into your Google account.)

4) Modify the lines as instructed on the script. Most of the defaults are great. However, you must modify the calendar lines (21-23) to get it working.

The required URL/Names to be put into those fields are the URL you created in TickTick to create a Google Calendar and the natural English name given to that calendar in Google. If you're only looking to create and sync one calendar you will only use one line and can ignore or delete the others. Example:
Line 21: "webcal://$*Y%*&#&^#^%/basic.ics", "TickTickCalendar"],

5) After modifying the script, save it. Then from the main menu click, Run > Install and then Run > Sync.

Well, for me this was kind of silly.... I had setup this calendar first in Google before I discovered the sync script. Then I did as above. It turns out that the sync script created a calendar itself so when looking at my list of calendars I actually had two calendars doing the same thing. I removed the original calendar, (not script generated), and the duplicates went away. You can either hide or unsubscribe from the manually setup calendar.
I thought I was finally settled on a application but this sync problem is a REAL PROBLEM. I WANT TO SEE EVERYTHING ON MY GOOGLE CALENDAR. I paid for the premium $3.00 version because there was no try period provided. I'll be cancelling TODAY.
Does anyone knows when it Sync with Google Calendar should work?
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