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**TickTick 4.2.0 iOS is Available Now**
In the last update of TickTick Android, we brought a new premium feature "Estimated Pomo" to Android users. This time, we are glad to announced that it's available in the TickTick 4.2.0 iOS app too. Premium users can now set up estimated pomo for tasks and thus to better organize your schedules.

How to set estimated pomo for a task:
Tap into a task detail view->Tap the "..." icon at the top right for more options->Select "Estimated Pomo".
Once it's been set to a task, you can check it either in the list view with "Show Details" enabled or in the task's detail view.

Other major improvements:
- Full premium themes are available on the iPad app.
- Support dynamic font in the app

TickTick Team
Android 4.2.0 is under test now. Will be out soon. :)
I just update the app on IOS and now my smarlists aren’t showing up. The field on the left with all of the folders is blank.

Have you tried to reopen the app, see if it helps? Keep us posted.
After the update, the Pomodoro timer seems to be working in seconds instead of minutes.
Either that or I am suddenly Awesome!!

This is for both iPhone and iPad.
Please fix the Pomodoro timer! As it mentioned above, the timer ends in 25 seconds.
Same here for the Pomotimer... I've tried force quitting the app, turning phone off/off again, hard reset... still keeps working in seconds. If I use the settings to change the number of minutes for the time to, say 34 minutes, then it just counts for 34 seconds instead.

I think the problem is actually in v4.2.0.1, not v4.2.0.0. I was using the Pomo yesterday morning without issue, but today it's gone wrong. Looking at my update history, V4.2.0.1 was updated automatically 13h ago.
Sorry for the late reply. We have released a new version to fix the issue. Please update and try again.
Hi, at work, my Mac is version 10.10.5 so it won't work with the latest version of TickTick for Mac :( Can I download a previous version of TickTick for Mac? Thanks in advance
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