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Why is the text corrected when I type in an activity?
Written words are not kept. Sometimes they are replaced by other words or other characters. In my Chrome I disabled the spelling correction and also in windows but the problem remains.

Could you switch to private mode and see if it works? Keep us posted.

The problem of autonomous substitution of some words reappears, even if I had activated the navigation in private mode, can you help me? Thank you

Could you shut the entire extension and reopen it, see it it works?
I have uninstalled the extension from Chrome and I rinstalled it again, I have also upgraded the desktop appicatio but the defect is still present.
A note like:

" Scad. buoni frut. di casa "

is corrected as follows

" Scad. buon prezzo di casa "

which has other meaning.

This happens to me on the applications for the pc, while on smartphones and tablets (Android) it does not happen.
You might have misunderstood. Could you please close all the extension including others and reopen TickTick, see if that helps?
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