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Unified 'focus' view for tasks with and without due date
I love the TickTick app (for web and Android), but am struggling to use it quite how I'd like to. I want to be able to look at my task list on any given day and see two things:
1. Tasks that have had a due date assigned and are due (or overdue) that day, and...
2. Tasks that I have explicitly chosen to work on that day, but have no due date (called 'Focus' in GTD apps).

I really need to be able to see these two things in the same view in order to assess what I should be working on. However, I haven't found a way of being able to do this in TickTick, and it's the only thing preventing me from using it as my primary 'to do' app, as in every other way I prefer TickTick to the other options I've tried.

I really want to avoid setting (and un-setting) artificial due dates to force stuff in and out of the 'Today' view, and for scheduled (usually repeating) tasks, I keep these in a separate list so that my main list isn't cluttered up with tasks that aren't due yet.

If anyone can guide me as to how this might be achieved in TickTick, I would be very grateful. Otherwise, if it's not yet possible, perhaps this could be taken as feedback for future product development?

Many thanks,
+1 - ME TOO!
I really miss the STAR or MARK feature that many task apps have. A way to manually select tasks from many different list and have them show up in one place. I would really appreciate this in TickTick too.

(FYI: the best hack I've found for this is to use a tag. Go through and add "#today" or similar to the tasks I plan to do today. This however is a real pain for recurring tasks as I then have to manually edit the task again to remove the tag.)
Thanks Laura H for that tip. Tags might help, although I still don't think there is a way for me to see those and my due / overdue (Today) tasks in a unified view - perhaps that is achievable for Pro users via smart lists, but I'm currently a basic user (until such time as I'm happy it'll do what I want! :).

@TickTick is anyone from the support or dev teams available to comment on my original post please?
+1 vote from me too. Wunderlist has the Starred feature and it is extremely useful
+1 please
If you create a tag for your focus tasks (e.g. #focus), you can do it with a filter from the search, e.g.
today OR overdue OR #focus

If you have the premium version, you can save that as a SmartList. If not, you can save the search string somewhere and paste it in.

More details at
Thank you Julie Wills, that is helpful. For the time being, I'm trying a different approach, i.e. using Inbox for anything I want to focus, and keeping everything else in other lists (e.g. Next and Backlog... sort of mixing up GTD and Agile, but it makes sense to me :). I do still have to check 'Today' and 'Inbox' separately (unless I can start using those filter options), but I'm wondering if the sequential approach might be a good habit to get into, to ensure I deal with the Today ones before getting distracted by any other focus/Inbox tasks. Will see how I get on with this, but certainly useful to know the above filter syntax, so thanks again for that.

Happy Ticking everyone. :)
+1 for feature-request.

Coming from Nirvana, really miss this feature.

Just a star toggle on each task and a separate view with all starred tasks would really improve my workflow.
I doubt TickTick will ever have this, because it was not built upon GTD in the first place. You better off with Nozbe.
Pro version Solution: Use High Priority as a star and have a smart list that includes high priority, overdue and due. Hows that?
Here is the easy solution....

Create new smart list
Go to Advanced...

Date = No Date OR OverDue OR List = Focus

see screen shot here:
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