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Is POMO coming to web?
Hey, I would love to see POMO on web. I always have to pick up my phone and set it on the phone.

I hope you guys consider the feedback.

Keep up with the good work.
+1, please implement Pomodoro on Web and MacOS.
This is a great app and very impressed by the responsiveness of the developers.
This will increase my productivity a lot as I won't pick up my phone for distraction. Good to see people want this one too. :)
It's coming. We are still working on developing it and running tests. Might need a little more time to bring it to the app. Thanks.
Is it coming to the Windows app or the Web? As Windows app needs work comparatively to web so I would prefer POMO on web over the Windows app.
It will be available on all the platforms eventually. Web one should be brought out first as the official window app hasn't released yet.
Thank you for the response!
+1 Web & Linux
+1 Thanks and looking forward to it! Great product!
+1 and thanks!
+1 and thanks
+2 (Me and my Wife) ;-)
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