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Notification Question (yes another one)
I have been using the free version to test all features before purchasing premium. I have a Galaxy S8+ and notifications work to the phone in most cases, but curious to know how to get the notifications to appear on my Fitbit Ionic. Wunderlist, Alexa, Gmail and other apps will send notifications to my Fitbit and I have confirmed that TickTick notifications is enabled inside the Fitbit app, but I cannot get it to work yet.

Running Android 7.0 and I do have Alert mode enabled in the reminders section.

I'm still doing some testing, but thought I would ask.

Thank you

Are you using Android Wear 1.0? It should be okay with that platform.
No, the Fitbit doesn't use Android wear. Not sure exactly what it runs for an OS other than they built their own OS on sdk platform of some sort.
Was this ever resolved? I'm thinking of moving over to Tick Tick but the notifications to Fitbit are actually a dealbreaker for me. I'm unable to get the TickTick notifications to Fitbit working

Did you enable the "Stick on status bar" option? If yes, please disable it and see if it helps.
I'm experiencing the same issue and disabled the "Stick on status bar" but am still missing the TickTick notifications. I'm getting notifications everywhere but my Fitbit Versa and TickTick notifications were coming through this morning (and then stopped). All other notifications are coming through fine. Are there any other tips? Thank you!
Quick update: I am getting the daily alert notification on my Fitbit Versa. But that is currently only notification I receive. Thank you for any help with this! (also sent an email)

I'm afraid there's nothing we could do in this case. We do support Android watch in general, but no special adaption for Fitbit. You may contact Fitbit team and see what they could help with the notification issue.
I appreciate the response, but the problem really seems to be a TickTick notification issue. Now, I'm not receiving notifications on my Android device. Android 8.1.0. I've been reading everything in the Help Center I can about notifications and it seems like there are so many quirky settings combinations that need to be just right. Could you tell me what those settings should be for Android 8.1.0. I love this app so much, but the notifications issues in general might be a deal breaker - sadly! I'm sure there is a workaround here. Thanks!
Has anyone successfully gotten TickTick notifications to show and vibrate on the Fitbit devices? I still am having no success. All other notifications work correctly, just TickTick is the problem.
Hi CJ,
I've found that if I add a description to my task, I will get the notification on my Fitbit Versa. It's a bizarre workaround, but it works for me!
Hi CJ,
I've found that if I add a description to my task, I will get the notification on my Fitbit Versa. It's a bizarre workaround, but it works for me!
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