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problem with date sync
Hey. I have a problem with the date. on the computer the date is one and on the android another

Both platforms have the same time/time zone settings? Could you provide your country and time zone?
Country Russia, time zone Moscow.
And where in the settings to check the time range? I could not find either on vindos or on androde ..
Also yesterday, the following problem arose .. I use the premium account, but yesterday, when adding a photo, I jumped out of the window with a limit increase .. also writes and when additional subtasks are added that the limit is exceeded.

You can check both platform's time in the device's setting, not in TickTick.

Did you see the exceed notification on Window only?
Yes, both platforms have the same time zone. but the date on the android moves to a day ago than on the windo.
With the androde, I still can not add a photo, writes the limit is used, the window is displayed and does not make it possible to attach the file.
Sub-tasks now work correctly, everything is fine.
Okay, we will look into it soon. Sorry for the troubles.
Thank you. I'm waiting for help.
Could you create a test task for tomorrow sometime on one platform, see what time it turns out to be on the other platform?
Hey. Happy New Year!! When compiling a task with android, the date is displayed correctly on all platforms, and when creating a task on Windows, the task on the android is displayed a day later.
Yes, seeing the same problem: browser/computer seems correct, while Android app looks to be a day ahead on certain types of tasks (those that day-offset e.g. repeat every n days or even repeating on specific dates). Extremely confusing. Time zone is Mountain/Denver on both computer and phone.

Our support team will contact you via emails soon. Please go check.
Hey. I'm having this problem.
On the computer the date is one and on the android another.
Both are in the same time zone (UTC -3:00 Brasília), same date, but my tasks in Ticktick on Android is one day earlier.

Just double checked with the win dev. This issue will be fixed in the next update.
Having the same problem here! Different date on web version than on Iphone. Both devices in the same time zone. Now if a adjust the date of the tasks on the web it's not sync with the Iphone version. When will the upgrade be available to fix this? It's really annoying.,

It seems like your issue wasn't caused by the timezone changes. Could you please try pulling down in the TickTick iOS app, see if it triggers the sync?
Having similar problems with date synch between web and android. When is the update coming that will fix?
I've tried, obviously, pulling down in the TickTick IOS app, but even after the sync is done, the dates are still different from the web page. When I change the date of tasks on the web version, they will update on the IOS version, but a lot of them will be with 1 day difference (1 day late), mixing with tasks that are with correct date. Its driving me crazy! It throws away all the organization and planning of whats was going to be done on each day. When will this be fixed?
I have a suspicion this started after I used a function available on the web version, when you select a task and change the orders it appears on the list. For example there is a "red flag task" that was older and appeared at the bottom of the red flag list, on the web version you can select it and put at the top (because you considered this more urgent, for example). It's an excellent feature on Tick Tick, but I suspect it's malfunctioning, I think it was after that when the date sync problems started.... but then, maybe it was coincidental,

What is your timezone? Is it somewhere in Brazil?
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