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Синхронизация Android- сайт
Первый раз зашел через сайт и обнаружил, что здесь все задания, которые я создавал в приложении на Android, смещены на день назад.

Could you please provide your country and timezone?
UTC/GMT +4 hours.
It shows everything right if I use google chrome or app from my phone, but if I try to open this site from pc via google chrome it shows wrong.
I log in with google+ account everywhere.

It knows that today is still 21th, but it changed date of my today chores from 21 to 20 (???).
Problem hasn't dissapeared.

This is how I see it in FF browser.

This is how I see the same task on my phone with Android.

How is it possible? Can I or you fix it?


Our support team will contact you via email soon. Please go check.
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