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Overdue tasks desperately need a visual cue / warning
There needs to be something that happens as soon as a task becomes overdue. Todoist adds a bunch of red around a task when it is overdue, and TickTick should do the same. There should also be an option to show "Overdue" on the Today/7 Day and other views as well.

You can see overdue in Today list and some of the other lists. Could you specify your platform and request?
You can see them, but there needs to be a visual cue that they are overdue.

Show the task text in red, add a red icon near it, or just anything. Todoist, for example, gives you a red text next to or under an overdue task. It's immediately obvious that it is overdue.

Here's how it looks in Todoist when stuff is overdue. It's pretty obvious:

Here is the same scenario in TickTick (not obvious at all and no distinction between the two):

I'm using web, Windows, and iOS.
I see now that there is a notification when it is one day overdue.

I think a good compromise would just be to simply highlight the time in red immediately when it is overdue, even by a minute. That way it's immediately obvious.

I don't think that would be too big of a change to make, but would be a massive quality of life improvement. :)
+1, yes please, need to know when time based tasks are overdue as well
Hello Support team. Any progress on this?
Virtually every other task app supports this feature, so it would appear to be a useful feature or they wouldn't be doing it.
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